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In addition to conducting, Mr Schmidt is an active composer with his style ranging from orchestral compositions to neo-classical electronic works. Most of his compositions can be hired for performance. Send us your enquiry via the contact page.

Mr Schmidt also regularly produces special commissions whether it is for company celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, or important people. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and to receive an offer.

Original Compositions

A 100 Year’s History

for full orchestra

This piece was commissioned in 2021 by the Klenze Gymnasium Munich for their centenary celebrations. The work was to be performed open-air and features a brass fanfare at the beginning and the end.

Please note that this audio sample is only a mockup created in Sibelius.


for solo piano

Bellum, which is Latin for ‘war’, depicts different aspects of war. This short piece was composed by Luis Schmidt in 2022 for solo piano using a simplified version of the dodecaphonic style drawing its origins from Arnold Schönberg. 

This is a live recording from a performance by pianist Marcel Rose.


for brass ensemble

Commissioned in 2021 this brass piece was the opening work for the last concert Luis Schmidt gave with his orchestra in Munich. As the concert showcased a variety of musical styles, 2022 reflects on the polyphonic writings of Palestrina.

Please note that this audio sample is only a mockup created in Sibelius.

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