Luis Schmidt Music is designed as the place to go regarding music services. Our primary role is the one of a sheet music publishing company. Please visit our online shop to see our publishing catalogue. However, we also provide you with other services like sheet music printing and binding, copying and engraving, transposition and orchestration. In addition, you can commission your own arrangement of whatever piece you wish. Finally, Luis Schmidt Music understands itself as an educator. We run online instructions on AVID’s notation software Sibelius and online music theory lessons, both as one-to-one or as group sessions. These can be booked via our online shop.

Whatever we will do for you it is our goal to provide you with the highest standard of service and craftsmanship while meeting the demands of our modern time and a fast turnaround.

We would love to talk about your project or see you as a customer in our online shop.

Luis Schmidt Music is owned and run by Luis Schmidt who started the business in 2022. Luis began his musical career by learning the trumpet at the Klenze-Gymnasium, a grammar school in Munich, Germany, at the age of ten. He then became the principal trumpet with various ensembles at his school. At the age of 15 Luis started conducting and established his own brass ensemble, which he conducted on various occasions. He quickly expanded the brass ensemble to a wind band and thereafter a chamber orchestra.

Luis then went on studying conducting with worldwide renowned conductor Bruno Weil, who had concert appearances with the Berlin, the Vienna, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and many more. He was educated in the Swarowsky-method after the infamous Austrian conductor Hans Swarowsky, who was professor of conducting at the Vienna Music Academy and teacher of some of the most acclaimed conductors today.

In September 2022 Luis moved from Munich to Newcastle, UK, to read Music at the Newcastle University.

At the moment, he researches about what he calls the ‘Elgarian Archetype’, a linking element between Edward Elgar’s compositions. In addition, Luis is interested in the philosophy behind programme music, and the plurality of movements of contemporary classical composers.

Luis is very passionate in promoting contemporary music as he thinks it is the future of our cultural heritage and performers nowadays rely on the ‘old masters’ way to often. To do so, he is currently setting up an orchestra focussing on the promotion of a wide range of music from different backgrounds.